The Da Vinci Code: Virtruvian Man Mug only £1.49 delivered!!!!
The Da Vinci Code: Virtruvian Man Mug only £1.49 delivered!!!!

The Da Vinci Code: Virtruvian Man Mug only £1.49 delivered!!!!

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£1.49 for a quality mug and you get it delivered to your door all for £1.49...must be a bargain. Just think, you could be reading those Dan Brown books from The Book People - posted by Becksdawe, and drinking hot chocolate in your new mug!!


Ordered this earlier on-great deal!

not a fan but for £149-cant go wrong:thumbsup:

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Thanks Nick-c..just What I Thought - £1.49 Cant Buy Alot These Days But To Get A Mug Delivered To Your Door For This Cant Be Bad!!

Yeah, cool find!

ordered 2 nice little find

They also have the mona lisa mug available for a further 50p:thumbsup:


ordered one. cheers!

Nice deal amibees!

The mona lisa version is also a decent price - 1.99 quid. ( Thanks Nick-C!)


Nice find Thanks amibees!

Never saw the film as i heard it was sub par and i like Tom Hanks so i didnt want to think any less of him but i have ordered the mug anyway. Excellent find!!

I think its a great deal. thanks amibees. ordered mona lisa as well

Don't forget 2% Quidco :thumbsup: :-D :whistling: :w00t:

Hi all. I got a FREE mug with the DVD when it first came out. It was a promotional deal @ Smiths. Slightly diffrent pic.
Great offer found :thumbsup: Voted HOT.

Super deal voted hot hot hot...Bought one its a no-brainer is this, cheaper than going to tescos and buying a standard mug for £2.00...:thumbsup:

A good deal for fans but I wouldn't get it if I didn't like the book/film - you can get some lovely good quality cups in poundland - they have some cute eeyore ones in my local (Leeds city centre) so I am biased!

Nice find, thanks a lot

up to £3.00 now...

If it just had the vitruvian man or the mona lisa on it I'd have bought half a dozen but I'm a bit worried that drinking out of something with the Da Vincie Code written on it might start to melt my brain in the same way as reading the book or watching the movie.

Or worse, friends could see me drinking out of it.

Anybody recieved theres yet, I had an email saying mine had been dispatched 2 days ago but haven't got it yet...They did say 2-5 days though...:)

Got mine yesterday and its the business....Nice Decal aswell...well worth £1.50....:thumbsup: :-D
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