The Da Vinci Project (DVD + CD + Book) - £3.99 delivered (bargain !!!!!!!!!!)
The Da Vinci Project  (DVD + CD + Book) - £3.99 delivered (bargain !!!!!!!!!!)

The Da Vinci Project (DVD + CD + Book) - £3.99 delivered (bargain !!!!!!!!!!)

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The Da Vinci Project (DVD + CD + Book) - £3.99 delivered from CD-WOW.com

Bargain price & this retails for £19.99 at Amazon. Use the attched vouchers to get £1 off the price (included).

The Da Vinci Code (2 Disc Special Edition) Movie is available from Amazon Jersey for £11.99 if this is what you are looking for.

DVD : The documentary and the chronicle of a dark and fascinating journey that helps us decipher the mystery behind Da Vinci’s Code. We are going to look at never before seen pictures of old documents now lost forever! Plus extensive imagery of buildings and places included in the novel which are discussed in detail by specialists.

CD : The original soundtrack of the documentary, a great selection of music from Mozart to Patrick Kenneth, from Pino Donaggio to Oscar® winner Nicola Piovani.

BOOK : The perfect companion to further explore the themes in the documentary, thanks to exclusive interviews with the most outstanding Italian scholars, and a rich picture collection of places, buildings and the artistic works of Leonardo.


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Seeking the Truth
DAN BROWN’S The Da Vinci Code is a modern day publishing phenomenon and with over 40 million copies sold, is the most popular adult book of the 21st century. At the beginning, Brown claims “all descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents and secret rituals in this novel are accurate”. But are they?

Many theologians and historians have attacked the facts on which the book is based. Now an enthralling new DVD documentary, The Da Vinci Project, not only helps to decipher one of the most perplexing mysteries of modern times but, with the help of some of the world’s leading scholars and exclusive documentation, reveals a truth more breath-taking than any fiction.

The Da Vinci Project is released in a beautifully packaged box set. Along with the fascinating hour-long documentary on DVD, the collection also includes the project’s original CD soundtrack, featuring music by Mozart, Patrick Kenneth, Pino Donaggio and Academy Award winner, Nicola Piovani (Life Is Beautiful) among others. The final part of the set is a stunning book, which is both the perfect companion to further explore the themes raised in the documentary and a glorious pictorial record of places, buildings and, of course, the artistic works of Leonardo himself.

Combining the latest expert comment with hitherto unseen footage of old documents, now lost forever, The Da Vinci Project dives headfirst into the murky historical waters stirred by Brown's novel.

From the Louvre’s glass pyramid to the enigmatic Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland to the small French village of Rennes-le-Château with its many mysteries, this meticulously researched production crosses both centuries and continents to debunk myths, both old and new, and to sort fact from fantasy. Meanwhile, scholars from around the world finally reveal the true legacy that links Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene and Leonardo.

Most intriguingly of all, viewers are taken “inside” Da Vinci’s legendary The Last Supper, the masterpiece that gave birth to some of the most incredible suppositions of recent times. Not only are many of these misunderstandings and mistruths laid to rest but, most remarkably of all, we finally discover the identity of the figure at Jesus’ side. The answer is definitely not the one given by today’s popular novels and celluloid fictions - but one that will nevertheless astound!

Great price edi, thanks!

Ordered one...Thanks! Voted & rep as well!:)

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Thanks alien7 & scottiecutie

Average ebay price is £10+ !!!

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]So from reading the description, it's the making of etc, and not the actual film?[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Still a great price if it's something you're into [/SIZE][/FONT]


Thanks alien7 & scottiecutie :)Average ebay price is £10+ !!!

Really, I just had a look and could only see a couple that sold between £1 and £2.99, and some listed at the moment with no bidders.

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Really, I just had a look and could only see a couple that sold between … Really, I just had a look and could only see a couple that sold between £1 and £2.99, and some listed at the moment with no bidders.X10

I meant the BIN price...

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If anyone is looking for the movie DVD, this offer might be of interest:

[COLOR=darkred]The Da Vinci Code[/COLOR] (2 Disc Special Edition)

Price: £11.99 delivered (Amazon Jersey)

Where: ]Amazon UK

The DVD from play.com is a "fascinating hour-long documentary on DVD" it is NOT a DVD of the film of the same name as listed on your Amazon link.

This is explained in the main post, but I expect some people will think they are getting the film DVD.

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Where is Play.com coming in Alan?

That's weird. Could have sworn I posted in this thread, it even has the lil blue arrow thingy.
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