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The Damned United (Blu-ray) £5 @ Amazon
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The Damned United (Blu-ray) £5 @ Amazon

Posted 14th Apr 2012

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Fantastic movie and according to find-dvd the next cheapest is Tesco at £11.97
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Great movie...
Great film, terrible book.
Quality film not the cheapest its been,think i paid £3.99 on blu-ray just before xmas........ But heated OP
Great film.
A great film but not as good as the book - the darker bits were cut out of the film though a few were included in the extras - worth a few quid of anyones money though.
cracking film
The book is a complete joke, passing itself off as a work of fact when vast parts of it are completely made up. You wouldn't get away with it if you were writing about people who were still alive. In this respect the film is much better than the book.
brilliant film, from a Leeds fan
Some of those who are alive took legal action over the writer / film company - there was also a book written by some of those involved called 'We Are The Damned United' that put the player point of view. It's a case of fact & fiction mixing, been around for years, war films, political films, Titanic films/programmes, this book/film, etc. Still an entertaining film though
Fantastic book - slightly disappointing adaptation though. Hot.
pity we dont have managers who tell the chairman to "**** off" nowadays
forest2002 Totally agree with every point you make. BC RIP
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