The Damned United [Blu-ray] - £9.99 @ Grainger Games

The Damned United [Blu-ray] - £9.99 @ Grainger Games


I watched this today - decent film, but not a patch on the book

Great find Whizz

Great film

says £11.99

Mr Sheen is very good....

yeah, film is understandably a very watered down version of the book, they cut a hell of a lot of stuff, mainly to do with the breakdown in the relationship between brian and peter, etc.

apparently the dvd has a lot of deleted scenes which shows they did actually film a lot of this stuff, but it ended up getting cut for whatever reason.

still, good price for a new release bluray.

Its 11.99 though not 9.99

Good film really enjoyed this when I hired it on bluray, not that it makes any difference in bluray compared to an ordinary dvd, as this film that has quite a lot of old clips in it

Great film
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