The Dark DVD £1.99 @ base
The Dark DVD £1.99 @ base

The Dark DVD £1.99 @ base

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An estranged couple in a Welsh village tries to cope with the death of their young daughter but events take a strange and chilling turn when a girl with an eerie resemblance to the child appears and tells them that she has been dead for 60 years.

The Dark Review
Sean Bean and Maria Bello face an ancient curse in this run-of-the-mill thriller from "Ginger Snaps" director John Fawcett. Bean plays James, a sculptor who has moved to a remote area of the Welsh coast after separating from his American wife Adelle (Bello). But when she and their teenage daughter Sarah (Sophie Stuckey) arrive for a visit, they all seem content to play happy families, exploring the local countryside and catching up on what's new. However when Sarah disappears after falling into the ocean, her parents are distraught. But their grief is interrupted when a girl around Sarah's age appears alive and well in her bed - a girl who a friend confirms died some 50 years earlier.

Despite a decent start and a few creepy moments, it must be said that not too many people will be afraid of "The Dark". Cliches abound as Bello gets drawn into an eerie 'other world' by this mysterious child while weathered local handyman Dafydd (Maurice Roeves) reveals the evil secret about the farmhouse in which James now lives - you'd have thought that the estate agent might have mentioned something. A jumbled final act doesn't help matters and neither does the sight of a flock of sheep deciding to see if they can fly from a nearby cliff. We're sure it was meant to be scary but unfortunately the scene raised more titters than terror.

With nods to classics of the genre such as "Poltergeist" and "The Ring", "The Dark" may well appeal to more dedicate horror fans but will hold little interest to those already bored by an oversaturated horror market.
Special Features

Interviews,, Alternative Ending,, Trailer

Product Details

Region 2
Running Time: 89 minutes
Production Year: 2005
Main Language: English

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