The Darkness (Xbox 360), pre order for just £34.00.

The Darkness (Xbox 360), pre order for just £34.00.

Found 21st Mar 2007
Since seeing the incredible demo from last years E3, I've been hooked on this Horror/FPS title, and this is the cheapest price I've found so far.

Not one for your kids, but well worth taking a look at if you enjoyed "Condemned, Prey or F.E.A.R".

The Darkness features a seamless and unique blend of modern crime drama and supernatural horror through first and third-person, non-linear gameplay. Utilizing the Starbreeze engine for next generation consoles, The Darkness features single and online multi-player Xbox Live action across highly realistic environments.


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Thanks for all your support everyone. :cry:

Seriously though, if those who voted cold know anywhere cheaper please let me know as I am really looking forward to this title (at the lowest price). :thumbsup:

I'm not the cold voting culprit, but I thought it had been announced that The Darkness will have an additional monthly charge to pay on top of XBL...
EDIT: Oops, i'll leave my idiocy here for all to see, but I suspect i'm getting mixed up with Hellgate: London

I suppose a cold vote could be due to the distant release date too - plenty of time for price shifts.

if thats true i think i will taking a side step away from this game
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