The Dave Gorman Collection - 'Are you Dave Gorman?' Pre-Release DVD only 500 copies

The Dave Gorman Collection - 'Are you Dave Gorman?' Pre-Release DVD only 500 copies

Found 13th Nov 2006
If you are a Dave Gorman Fan - or you know one, you will love this for a Christmas pressie.
Known on BBC as 'The Dave Gorman Collection' the TV show has finally been made into a DVD. Intended for a pre-Christmas release the date was put back to Feb '07. Now there are 500 pre-release DVD's available on
I already bought my copy so I don't mind sharing
There is a space for a voucher code on the checkout page but I couldn't find any vouchers anywhere.

I hope you enjoy!

"...get your hands on a limited number of pre release copies of The Dave Gorman Collection. Based on the multi-award-winning, Perrier-nominated live-show (and cult global phenomenon) Are You Dave Gorman? - BBC2's smash hit The Dave Gorman Collection follows Dave Gorman on his mission to meet, photograph and shake the hand of 54 of his namesakes. (One for every card in the deck... including the jokers.)

"Unique and hilarious. Watch and enjoy" Time Out

The official release date is February 2007 but you can get your hands on 1 of only 500 pre-release DVD's by clicking here:…b-1

**Note pre release copies are limited and are sold on a first come first served basis**

- chardle


I love this series. :-D Just my kind of humor, lol.

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Anyone know why it got a Meatloaf picture? And can you fix it for me?


Haha Meatloaf how the hell did that happen?.......please be aware everyone this DVD is NTSC

I don't believe it. I tried to fix the pic, now it's a camcorder!

EDIT - image sorted!

God this guys crap... Zzzzz!


God this guys crap... Zzzzz!

If you don't like Dave Gorman why did you even bother looking in this post?

Has anyone used this company "" before? am very very tempted but a little dubious. Surely Pre-release copies are not menat for the public (not that I'm complaining):thumbsup:

EDIT: Ignore my previous comments - there is a direct link to this store from Dave Gorman's own website.

I would say they are okay as they are officially endorsed by Dave. The full story is in the news section on but Dave has been trying to get the BBC to release it on DVD for years. Somehow helped him achieve this and it is being licensed to them for release. It was originally going to be available for early Nov but got held up being certified by the BBFC. The date went to mid-Nov and then Feb 2007.

I guess they have got it certified now but have decided to delay the proper release as they couldn't get enough made in time for christmas. I also guess that they didn't want to let down the people who pre-ordered it so have come up with the 500 limited release cunning plan.

I'm certainly waiting in anticipation for the DVD sized jiffy bag to fall upon my doormat

This company is spot on, I use them all the time for cds etc, have been using them for a good while now.

I watched this series with my husband, and we both thought it was hilarious.

A big thumbs up from me!

Recordstore are a kind of "third party" merchant for (for want of a better word) celebrities to sell merchandise. Bands like Ladytron and Saint Etienne and other more 'indie' bands have online stores on their websites, but they are run by Recordstore. They provide the facilities for listing of items, checkout facilities, payment facilities etc. Cuts of the profits from things like t-shirts, posters etc then tend to go direct to the artists rather than the record company.

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Sorry, should have told everyone that I knew it was endorsed by Gave Gorman. I'm on his mailing list and have been waiting for the release of the DVD since it was announced.
I got an email invitation about buying the pre-release copy and in my excitement I forgot to write a proper post here.

I promise to do better next time :thumbsup:
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