The David Lynch Collection DVD - £6.93 at Amazon

The David Lynch Collection DVD - £6.93 at Amazon

Found 15th Jan 2011
Seems like a good price for three of his acclaimed films.

David Lynch is one of the true mavericks of modern-day, mainstream cinema. This collection of three films that underline the reason why he has been acclaimed as one of America's greatest filmmakers. Includes ELEPHANT MAN, MULHOLLAND DRIVE and INLAND EMPIRE.


Extremely hot - slightly random collection, but random is one thing you'll need to get used to in order to enjoy Lynch - so actually makes sense!

Thanks OP, ordered as only have elephant man on VHS and haven't got round to buying Inland Empire yet so one very happy customer

£6.85 at The Hut & Zavvi. And with the Walkers 10% off - comes down to £6.16!


Mulholland Drive is maybe the best film ever made.
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