The Day Today 2 Disc DVD £5 at Play.com
The Day Today 2 Disc DVD £5 at Play.com

The Day Today 2 Disc DVD £5 at Play.com

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The Day Today 2 Disc DVD £5 at Play.com - Now cheaper than last time this was posted.
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'The Day Today' was hailed as a landmark in British television which made it impossible to watch the news without laughing like mad. Following its transmission in January 1994, hordes of seasonal newscasters resigned in shame as the programme scientifically proved their jobs were wrong.

Anchorman Christopher Morris had been fired from ITN in 1989 for using make up on disaster victims, but was hired by The Day Today for precisely the same reason. Collatallie Sisters single-handedly revolutionized business news with the graphic finance arse. Sportscaster Alan Partridge was amiable enough and Peter O'Hanraha'hanrahan won repeated awards for dreadful persistence!



Peter, you've lost the news!

amazing deal



I can't get over how timeless this is. If you watch any other comedy from the era, its probably pretty dated, but something about The Day Today always makes it appear fresh, and consistently funny. Also, the satirical over-the-top graphics are now pretty standard (e.g. XFactor) so it suddenly apears more current than it did at the time.

Some top writing talent, including Chris Morris, Arnando Ianucci (In The Loop), Peter Baynam (who writes for Sacha Baron Cohen) and Patrick Marber (who went on to write Notes on a Scandal and Closer).

What now for man raised by puffins?

AWESOME POST - This is the neeeeeeews! Heated and repped! Oh and Ordered!

top show

The Day Today lets the news apple ripen on the bough - then harvests it at tremendous speed.

Bouncing Elephantiits woman destroys downtown portsmouth

"John Fashanu...John Fashanu...John Fashanu...John Fashanu...John Fashanu

That's John Fash-ar-nu, tonight on BBC 2"

What a show!

But to many within the church, there is another ritual - the ritual of the bullying ritual.

And the show that gave a tv debut to sports presenter turned chat legend Alan Partridge :thumbsup:

Eat my goal!

Top deal

Chris Morris is some kind of prophet I think. So much of the ridiculous satire in this show is now commonplace in the TV news and newspapers.


Tempted to buy this, it's one show I've never watched (other than the odd … Tempted to buy this, it's one show I've never watched (other than the odd AP clip). I've already bought my comedy treat for this week though, got 5 series of Peep Show to get through first,lol:pNice deal OP:thumbsup:

Buy this for next week's comedy treat, its simply unmissable! :thumbsup:

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Its one of those things you can watch over and over again and its still funny as *****

Love it!

Because fact into doubt won't go.

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Coming up - 500 more uncles laid off in Derbyshire-

My nieces and nephews just called me into the lounge this morning and said "Sorry, but we're going to have to let you go".

Just time for a quick look at tomorrow's headlines - 'Plastic surgeon arrested with stash of stolen mouths', that's in the Express, the Hull Aphrodite, 'Police chief crushes lizard with whistle', there he is looking wretched, the Daily Mail, 'Child made of paint wins by-election', the Murdoch papers tomorrow, 'Crazed wolves in store a bad mistake admits Mothercare', and there's the same story in the Sun, and the Daily Mirror have a special pull-out note for the milkman, 'five pints please', they'll be doing three, two and four later in the week. That's it, that's The Day Today on the day a man on this programme told how he was menaced by Hugh Sculley.

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