The Day Today (2 Discs) £5.99 @ Play 5% Voucher/Quidco

The Day Today (2 Discs) £5.99 @ Play 5% Voucher/Quidco

Found 25th Aug 2009Made hot 25th Aug 2009
Cheapest around and a bargain for this series


Peter, you're lying in a news grave.


For the people who wondered what could possibly be funnier that Friends?

Treat this as your master-class.

Remember guys, its a made up drug!

Proper comedy genius. No chance of him ever appearing again on his own show I think which is a damn shame.
Hot stuff, and NOW look how similar the MEGA DRAMA opening sequences are to Sky News. Brilliant stuff.

This is where Alan Partridge began!

One of the best series ever, you'll never be able to take another news show seriously after watching this!


Those are the headlines. God, I wish they weren't.

News Felch!

One of the funniest shows ever. Great price too!

Even though I am an avid downloader, I bought this as it is a classic piece of tv history.

Now does anyone know if Spitting Image has ever been put out on DVD as a collection ?
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