The Day Today 8.67 from ASDA (Plus free P&P)

The Day Today 8.67 from ASDA (Plus free P&P)

Found 27th Mar 2007
The Day Today was hailed as a landmark in British television which made it impossible to watch the news without laughing like mad. Following its transmission in January 1994, hoards of seasonal newscasters resigned in shame as the programme scientifically proved their jobs were wrong. Anchorman Christopher Morris had been fired from ITN in 1989 for using make up on disaster victims, but was hired by The Day Today for precisely the same reason. Collatallie Sisters single-handedly revolutionized business news with the graphic finance arse. Sportscaster Alan Partridge was amiable enough. And Peter O'Hanraha'hanrahan won repeated awards for dreadful persistence.


Excellent choice of a show for a first post dave!! However, it seems to be cheaper ina few places, such as £8.66 @ ][COLOR=blue]Selectcheaper[/COLOR]

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Also, you might want to change the title, there was only ever one series of The Day Today.

Buy it, buy it now, it's the funniest thing you will ever see!

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Oops - thanks for those comments, I've made the changes.
Still a bargain, less than £1.50 an episode.


Just a note of caution- this site still hasn't delivered a DVD I ordered months ago. I'd avoid, get it from somewhere more reputable.

I have to agree with smicer07. My first ever order i had with them, I had to constantly chase up. It eventually took 5 weeks to be delivered. I've never ordered from them again and would advise anyone else to be extremley wary of them.

This and Brass Eye were some of the funniest comedy of the 90's.

Good find

Anything that set the all rolling for the genius of Partridge deserves rep and hotness so here is some.

I caught it again on a re-run the other week. It still really holds up as great comedy, I hadn't expected it to age gracefully.

Dave, please stop changing the link in the original post to different retailers. The deal post is linked through the original merchant you posted, so cannot just be changed. Please take care not to post 3rd party affiliate links too.

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