The Day Today : Complete BBC Series (Steeve Coogan Box Set) - £8.99 delivered @ HMV !
The Day Today : Complete BBC Series (Steeve Coogan Box Set) - £8.99 delivered @ HMV !

The Day Today : Complete BBC Series (Steeve Coogan Box Set) - £8.99 delivered @ HMV !

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To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the comedy television programme. A brilliantly funny and pointed parody of aggressive TV journalism. Full of completely farcical, fictional news stories told in sharply realistic melodramatic TV News style. Plus a mockery of weather reports, sports journalism and the American reporters too. Features Steve Coogan's helmet-haired TV debut as Alan Partridge behind the Sports desk. Contains the complete series


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Fact me till I fart, it's The Day Today, the most outrageously satirical show ever to feature a man called Chris Morris--until ][COLOR=#003399]Brass Eye[/COLOR], that is. Both savage and surreal, The Day Today heaps great steaming mounds of abuse and scorn upon our self-appointed moral guardians, upon pompous pundits, puerile newspaper headline-writers and vacuous, self-important TV presenters. And they all richly deserve it.
First broadcast in 1994, the show's format is Newsnight-meets-Crimewatch in Hell. A ridiculously protracted title sequence and melodramatic headline announcements introduce Morris' demented, Jeremy Paxman-a-like anchorman, who simpers to the viewers while castigating on-air his useless reporter Peter O'Hanraha'hanrahan. The vacant Collatallie Sisters turns financial news into a Dadaist nightmare of meaningless statistics, graphically illustrated by the currency cat or the finance arse; while American journo Barbara Wintergreen's reports from Death Row are just scary and absurd enough to be completely believable. Also making his TV debut here is Steve Coogan's legendary sports caster Alan Partridge, with his appalling sports reporting, his cringe-inducing misunderstandings and his sheer blunt-headed stupidity (many of the same team, sans Morris, would reunite the following year for ][COLOR=#003399]Knowing Me, Knowing You[/COLOR]). Sketches such as the spoof soap "The Bureau" and the spoof docu-soap "The Pool" also betray the writing skills of Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews, creators of ][COLOR=#003399]Father Ted[/COLOR].

I would vote this hot but HMV has let me down every time I have tried to order something from it, even when I know that it is in stock.

This is hot, I've had no problems with HMV personally and this is undoubtedly the best price. However I have been watching this DVD for a while and it's been this price for a month at least I was hoping it might drop lower, still a great price though, I might just accept it ain't gettin cheaper and go for it.

Superb, Never had any problems with Hmv online. Seem to be alot of superb deals coming out of HMV.


brilliant series, watch again and again, never gets old - even the news stories make sense today!

For me Fur-Q was the highlight of one of the greatest bits of ground breaking TV ever. The song Uzi-Lover is a classic.


Personally, The war episode was a sneak preview of how pathetic our news has become these days. It predicted things well.


How aboutb the one where he quizes the correspondant on what the German Chancellor actually said? Damn I have got to buy this!


hot hot hot!

Chris Morris

Heat and rep added! If you find any brass eye deals...

EDIT: Anyone got a link to a video of the "click - ting - stamps" clip? Been trying to find it for years.

Excellent programme that everyone should have and well worth £8.99. But if you don't have it already after 10+ years and can risk waiting, it's likely to be available for less - HMV were selling it for £7.99 only last month.

Heated...nice price for a good series...coupla quid before you hit the next one up (Amazon £10.98 +P&P? or DVD.CO.UK @ £13.49) & a good Quidco rate at HMV.


Heat and rep added! If you find any brass eye deals...

Ugly prices on Brass Eye...4 places sub 14 quid by a few pennies (DVD.CO.UK, Sendit, The Hut & DVDsource) & that's it...

[SIZE="1"](4CheapCD's list it much cheaper but have zero stock & are a frequently iffy company to deal with)[/SIZE]

And we've just heard - that areas in three of Britain's cities are being evacuated due to suspect dogs. Police believe this could be the start of a mainland campaign of dogbombs threatened by the IRA last month. This report from Eugene Fraxby who's got the story with him reports...

Absolute classic.:lol:

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Thanks guys


hot hot hot!

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