The Deep [Blu-ray] TV Show £14.85 (Less with Walkers and Quidco).

The Deep [Blu-ray] TV Show £14.85 (Less with Walkers and Quidco).

Found 21st Nov 2010
With an all-star cast, including James Nesbitt, Minnie Driver and Goran Visnjic, this gripping thriller follows the crew of an oceanographic submarine as they search the deepest, furthest, loneliest place on earth.

In the state-of-the-art research submarine Orpheus, Captain Frances Kelly leads a team of scientists deep below the Arctic ice. They are following the path of an earlier, disastrous expedition; searching the final frontiers of Earth for unknown and remarkable life forms, attempting to find the solution to the world’s escalating energy crisis.

Enduring crushing pressure, boiling vent gases, freezing temperatures and total darkness, the Orpheus arrives at the Lomonosov Ridge, an enormous area of sea bed which is disputed territory, currently under the United Nations’ jurisdiction. Nobody comes here. But there is something else out here: something huge and bewildering. And, as the Orpheus crew struggle for survival and attempt to unravel the mystery, they uncover secrets more terrifying than they ever could have imagined…

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Good price, great first episode although the rest of the series was a bit of a letdown ( IMO ) have some heat for a good price
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