The Departed / Donnie Brasco / Gangs of New York [3 DVD box set] - £8.55 delivered @ !

The Departed / Donnie Brasco / Gangs of New York [3 DVD box set] - £8.55 delivered @ !

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The Departed: Rookie cop Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) grew up in crime. That makes him the perfect mole, the man on the inside of the mob run by boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). It's his job to win Costello's trust and help his detective handlers (Mark Wahlberg and Martin Sheen) bring Costello down. Meanwhile, SIU officer Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) has everyone's trust. No one suspects he's Costello's mole. How these covert lives cross and collide is at the ferocious core of the widely acclaimed The Departed. Martin Scorcese directs, guiding a cast for the ages in a visceral tale of crime and consequences. This is searing, can't-look-away filmmaking: like into the eyes of a con - or a cop - with a gun.

Donnie Brasco: The true story of an FBI undercover agent (Johnny Depp) who becomes Donnie Brasco, "The Jewel Man" to infiltrate one of the mob families. Donnie manoeuvres his way into the confidence of ageing hit-man, Lefty Ruggiero (Al Pacino) who trusts Donnie and vouches for him to the mob. But Lefty and Donnie become friends when they should be enemies. As Donnie moves deeper and deeper into the Mafia chain of command, he realises he is not only crossing the line between federal agent and criminal but is also leading his friend Lefty to an almost certain death sentence.

Gangs Of New York: Martin Scorsese's Gangs Of New York introduces today's world to the Five Points, a dark corner of the city known to New Yorkers of long ago as the centre of vice and chaos. Into this frontier of extreme lawlessness arrives the young Amsterdam Vallon (Leonardo DiCaprio). Amsterdam is the orphaned son of the slain Priest Vallon (Liam Neeson) - once chief warrior of the Dead Rabbits gang that rallied the Irish immigrants of the Five Points. Amsterdam has returned to the Five Points to hunt down his father's killer. His target is William Cutting AKA "Bill the Butcher" (Daniel Day-Lewis), who has since become the merciless new leader of the neighbourhood, a Nativist who detests the newly arrived immigrants and is determined to fend off all so-called "foreign invaders." Amsterdam works his way deep into the Butcher's inner circle, a world of alternating honour and cruelty from which he can only hope to escape.


Good find, three cracking films. I have ordered it with 4% Quidco cash back. Thanks

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Thanks mmhogg, welcome to HUKD

Up to £8.99 and its actually a 5 disc boxset, since the films contained are the same as the seperate versions.
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