The Deus Ex Collection 75% Off @ STEAM
The Deus Ex Collection 75% Off @ STEAM

The Deus Ex Collection 75% Off @ STEAM

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Just spotted this on the Steam Store


Can't decide to get this or to get it from GAME. They have the Deux Ex:Invisible War combo in their three for a tenner range.

The 1st one is a classic, Invisable War is a poor imitation - but both are very long in the tooth now.

The first is for me, possibly the greatest game made. An absolute classic - still worth playing today. You'll need to just get past the graphics and some of the limitations of the engine.

the second is rather poor, but has some merit in the storyline.

there is a third coming out soon - i am not holding out any hope for it.

Thanks, purchased, worth it to have it on steam

deus ex is the best FPS game i've ever played, but the 2nd one was a massive massive disappointment. The first one may be old, but its still legendary.

Definitely getting the first. The 2nd was cack.

Deus Ex 1 was a revolution, i think if you're into gaming you need to play it to see how revolutionary it was for the time. Deus Ex 2 though not quite as good was still an amazing game if you were a fan of the first. for £3 you are getting days of gameplay.

I may be looking at this through rose tinted glasses but honestly it is awesome!

Deus Ex

Every time you mention it, someone WILL reinstall it.

I would get the 1st game on its own, even if it cost more than getting both. IW is that ****.


this is the single most achievment in gaming history. yes the graphics look a bit poo. but there are "cures" for that. the HDTP and New Vision mods are about increasing texture sizes and model information.

but what you have is a game you can replay multiple times in different styles. and DX1 is about 40 hours of gameplay (or seems like it). try it specialising in the pistol. or shotgun. or knife for silent takedowns. hell, its possible to complete the game without killing anybody.

anyway... im off to reinstall it.

This is still one of the best games ever, I rate this and System shock 2, Unreal Tournament 99 as games that still crap on fps games that are released today.


I wish I'd given this more of a go when I played it all those years ago. … I wish I'd given this more of a go when I played it all those years ago. I think I remember my ATi Rage Pro 128 struggling with it though, so I had to give up!Half-Life is still the top of my list... and I don't think it'll ever be knocked off :P

It could be argued that Half-Life has since been bettered at what it does, but try and say the same of Deus Ex and you'll be laughed off the internet :-D

I liked Deus Ex but can't say I was gripped by it to the extent of Half Life.

I too bought the second part but it ran like crap on my pc - so much so, I never bothered playing :oops:

These days, I seem to find TF2 the game of choice...:thumbsup:

Has to be Half Life, the game was semi down to the ground to start with and it had a story that left you guessing. Also that and the crabs! jesus those made me jump at the start, they were even worse in Half Life 2.

Thanks OP (H&R)
Adored DX1 when I played it getting the Area 51 was so cool
And yeah DX2 didn't run properly on average PC at the time - but did eventually play it on the original XBOX
and tho not as good overall as the 1st - I did thoroughly enjoy it!

Half-Life 1 I have yet to play (Have it on steam) lol even though I got through OrangeBox on the 360 already.

Imagine a remake of DX1, drool

I have a Steam client stuffed full of games recommended by this site. I haven't downloaded any of them! Another won't hurt. Cheers. H and R.

Invisible war has a High Res texture pack, works on my disc edition but not sure how it would fare on Steam copy.

Tried to buy it repeatedly but the cart wouldn't check out to Paypal. Well *******' narked.

If you want a higher resolution than is available in the game you can go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\deus ex\System

Open the file DeusEx.ini and change this bit


(this gives me 1920*1080 screen resolution even though the in-game option doesn't go up that high. Going to the graphics options in-game will reset the resolution to default, so avoid that option screen)
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