The diablo toastie maker for £23.94

The diablo toastie maker for £23.94

Found 26th Nov 2006
Just got back from the Good Food show and bought one of these... great for the kiddies!
Had a taste with cheese and pizza tomato paste (yum!) They were £15 at the show but well worth £19.99 from Lakeland... just use bread, put a raw egg in and cook on hob for 2-3 minutes and hey presto! Breakfast... no oils and all dishwasher proof!

Go on and be a devil! Check out

MOD EDIT - added price inc del.


Maybe elaborate on what it is in the title with £23.94 as total price delivered and adding the description from the site?

When you add the delivery, the total comes to £23.94... so might be cheaper elsewhere - such as iwoot, it works out at £16.65 delivered if you go through the 15% off link in the voucher section, then a bit of quidco cashbacl as well on top of that. It might be cheaper elsewhere, I haven't looked yet.

It does look like a very interesting device though

P.S. Added a bit to the thread title, and a pic as well.

This was in the IWOOT sale before xmas, for £9.95, I picked it up delivered for about £8.90 using a £5 voucher.... Its bloody great :-)

The Army and Navy in Chichester had these for £9.99 IIRC at the weekend.

If you've got a House of Fraser near you it might be worth checking out.
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