The Doors: Special Edition - £3.99

The Doors: Special Edition - £3.99

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Found 20th Jul 2007
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IMDb rating: 6.8/10 (17,022 votes)

"Val Kilmer puts in a career best performance as Jim Morrison in this film version of the story of The Doors. Born out of the late 60s music scene in LA, a city that produced the darker music of the flower power era (Zappa, Love, etc), it's a film about Morrison's quest for knowledge and his ultimate destruction through drugs and alcohol. Kilmer is uncanny as the late lead singer; particularly during scenes of live performances of which thankfully there are many...this is a biopic where you can forget your watching an actor.

Lots of metaphysical hoohah about native Americans and riding the snake can get a little humorous after a while but this was the 60s and everyone was dropping acid and riding snakes probably. Good support from Meg Ryan as Jim's long-suffering and ultimately doomed girlfriend and watch out for a Billy Idol cameo. Overall this is a great movie, evocative of a colour period in recent history with some amazing music."

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