The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC DVD) - £7.72 Delivered from Amazon
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC DVD) - £7.72 Delivered from Amazon

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC DVD) - £7.72 Delivered from Amazon

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In a nutshell:
One of the most respected Western role-playing games of all time is back with huge improvements in graphics and accessibility, including a completely real-time combat system and the largest, most detailed game world ever seen. Phew.

The lowdown:
Although previous Elder Scrolls games have enjoyed something of a like it or loathe it reputation, this latest sequel has the means to appeal to everyone thanks to one simple improvement: its incredible new graphics. Unlike many role-playing games it is viewed from a first person perspective, with a game world portrayed in a staggering amount of detail, and realistic psychics and characters that genuinely seem to be going on about their own separate lives. The game?real appeal though lies in the huge freedom: play it exactly how you want.

Most exciting moment:
Using the new combat engine to fight off dozens of enemies, then stealing one of their mounts and riding off into the sunset.

Since you ask:
Emperor Uriel Septim VII is voiced by Star Trek and X-Men luminary Patrick Stewart, but all the characters in the game have full spoken voiceovers instead of just onscreen text. This is the next generation, you know.

The bottom line:
One of the most realistic and accessible role-playing games ever made.
Harrison Dent

Manufacturer's Description
After the mysterious and untimely death of the Emperor, the throne of Tamriel lies empty. With the Empire ready to crumble, the gates of Oblivion open and demons march upon the land-laying waste to everything in their path. To turn the tide of darkness, you must find the lost heir to the throne and unravel the sinister plot that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel.

# Live Another Life in Another World: Create and play any character you can imagine, from the noble warrior to the sinister assassin to the wizened sorcerer.
# Next Generation Graphics: Pixel-shader effects and high definition televisions are fully supported to create unprecedented visuals, including lifelike towns, dungeons, and the most realistic forests ever created in a game.
# First Person Melee and Magic: An all-new combat and magic system brings first person role-playing to a new level of intensity where you feel every blow.
# Radiant AI: This groundbreaking AI system gives Oblivion's characters full 24/7 schedules and the ability to make their own choices based on the world around them. Non-player characters eat, sleep, and complete goals all on their own.
# Realistic Characters: Oblivion's features over 1,000 non-player characters who come to life like never before with facial animations, lip-synching, and full speech. They even engage in unscripted conversations with each other and you.
# Open-Ended Game Play; Short Challenges: The enormous world of Oblivion is open for you to explore at your own pace, and shorter challenges such as fighting bandits, mixing potions, creating magic items and persuading friends keep the challenges coming.

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