The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [PS3] from - £18.98 (+4% Quidco)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [PS3] from - £18.98 (+4% Quidco)

Found 2nd Apr 2008 is selling "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" for the Sony PS3 for £17.99 + £0.99 P&P = £18.98

You can get cashback through the usual sites (e.g. 4% Quidco, making it £18.22)

The next best in stock price seems to be £26.97 from Amazon.


You live within the stunning capital province of Tamriel, called Cyrodiil. As a brave and noble warrior you set on a dangerous adventure, to find the hidden heir to a throne that sits empty, the previous emperor having been killed by an unknown assassin. With no true Emperor in place and no guidance for the people of Cyrodiil, the gates of Oblivion open, bringing only death and destruction upon the humble towns and villages.

- All the updated patches and downloads for Xbox360 and PC are available in the PS3 version. More excitingly, The Nights Of The Nine faction has been added and integrated into the storyline here so you won't need to buy it as an 'add-on' package. Also, blending and shading effects are much more seamless on PS3 so the game looks even more stunning.
- Live Another Life In Another World: Fully personalize the world of Oblivion by creating your own unique character from an endless variety of races, attributes, skills and mastery levels.
- True Next Generation: Unprecedented visuals combined with stunning special effects deliver an awe-inspiring 3rd or 1st person adventure. Visit lifelike towns, far away monuments of beauty, dark and eerie dungeons and walk amongst the most realistic forests ever created in a game.
- First Person Melee and Magic: To defend yourself against the numerous monsters and marauders that live in Tamriel, you must master the arts of combat and magic. As you progress your character's skill set you will learn new moves and how to mix ingredients such as plants, vegetables, beverages and herbs to create your very own spells, to prepare you for any given situation.
- Realistic Characters: Oblivion features thousands of individual characters and character traits. Each have a unique personality and type of lifestyle within Tamriel, part of the fun of playing Oblivion is knowing its populace and how each individual can help you find your way and achieve your goals. Talk to them, find out what is happening in their lives, but you will need to master the art of conversation to fully succeed!
- Open-Ended Game Play: The enormous world of Oblivion is open for you to explore at your own pace and there are multiple ways of achieving your main goal.
- There is also an endless variety of small tasks that take the longevity of gameplay into the unknown - find missing people, fight thieves and return valuable goods, solve conspiracies for example.

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