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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR - STEAM Version £13.19 @ Humble Bundle
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR - STEAM Version £13.19 @ Humble Bundle

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Posted 20th Jul

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I was tempted to buy on the steam sale recently, but held off at £19.99 and now it is £13.19 on the Humble Bundle Store. Googled it and seems to be one of the best VR games out there. Currently £39.99 on Steam.
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Now available to purchase directly from Steam at this price.
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Just played the intro. Wow, the place looks awesome! The dragon was really cool at the start and movement is pretty slick if you can handle it with teleport turned off.
Nice one! Was planning to pick it up but at the euro price of €19.79.
Uk vpn and I get it for €14.69!

By all accounts mods take this game in vr from great to absolutely amazing!
Here's a good place to start.
Cracking price for a great game. Nexus Mods has loads of options to make it look even better. Just use the mods for Skyrim SE. I've had no issues so far.
A absolute steal, well worth the price, plus dropping in a few mods just turns this from a great vr game to a game vr was made for,.........i have this on both pc and psvr, the game is something else in vr, if you have vr hardware then you need this game.

Heat, from a Dragon that just landed next to me and breathed in my direction. Lol
Thanks Meandialone!

I'll suggest buying 'Natural Locomotion' on Stream for £10 to get the most realistic feeling of moving around in Skyrim. No need to teleport, just walk around!
^^^The game already have free locomotion option.
XP20021/07/2019 11:19

^^^The game already have free locomotion option.

But not the one where you wave your arms to move. Looks quite cool, but not gonna jump in on steam yet for the £10.00 locomotion mod.
Edited by: "Meandialone" 21st Jul
^^^Wave your arms to move, never heard of that as a option, but is had full loco motion control supprt in both loco and weapons, so you can happily strafe round a giant while dual casting flames with no issues, only then to realise in horror too late as you back into a troll who takes you out in two swipes. lol
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