The Exorcist / The Shining 2 DVD set £5.99 + Free Delivery; Quidco; RAC 5% @ Play

The Exorcist / The Shining 2 DVD set £5.99 + Free Delivery; Quidco; RAC 5% @ Play

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Found 18th Jan 2009
The Exorcist (Dir. William Friedkin, 1973): The belief in evil - and that evil can be cast out. From these two strands of faith, author William Peter Blatty and director William Friedkin wove The Exorcist, the frightening and realistic story of an innocent girl inhabited by a malevolent entity.

Academy Award winner Friedkin, who introduces the film and supervised this new video transfer from restored picture and audio elements, gets effective performances from Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn, Jason Miller, Max von Sydow and Lee J. Cobb. The Exorcist remains, 25 years later, one of the most shocking and gripping movies ever made.

The Shining (Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 1980): Think of the greatest terror imaginable. Is it a monstrous alien? A lethal epidemic? Or, as in this harrowing masterpiece from Stanley Kubrick, is it fear of murder by someone who should love and protect you - a member of your own family?

From a script he co-adapted from the Stephen King novel, Kubrick melds vivid performances, menacing settings, dreamlike tracking shots and shock after shock into a milestone of the macabre. In a signature role, Jack Nicholson plays Jack Torrance, who's come to the elegant, isolated Overlook Hotel as off-season caretaker with his wife (Shelley Duvall) and son (Danny Lloyd). Torrance has never been there before - or has he? The answer lies in a ghostly time warp of madness and murder.


Voted HOT as I have wanted these 2 films for a while - thanks

bargain :-D
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