The Eye of Judgement (PS3) - £29.98 (includes PlayStation Eye) @ Game

The Eye of Judgement (PS3) - £29.98 (includes PlayStation Eye) @ Game

Found 23rd Dec 2008
I found The Eye of Judgement at Game for £29.98 which includes the game, stand, mat, cards and the PlayStation Eye. The Playstation Eye is £24.99 by itself so this is a bargin.

I haven't seen this game at this price in a while so thought I would post it.


I thought about posting this myself yesterday but as I have already had the game (bought about 1 year ago @ £40) I regret to say that although it is good, it is not great as it got really boring really quick.
However if you are in to this sort of thing and have a friend to battle, then this game has the intention to be good.

Do note though:
1. Although the game is cheap, the expansions and cards can be costly,
2. It's hard to find the cards in the shops,
3. Playing can get frustrating if the light conditions are not perfect,
(among other downsides)

Well, so the game was not for me but there are other people who like it so don't just take my word.

I loved it, but it takes up a lot of room so I had to sell, and also you have to pay to download the expansion set software as well as the cards, rip off.
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