The Fall (Blu-ray) £5 @

The Fall (Blu-ray) £5 @

Found 9th May 2011
Filmed over a period of 4 years in 18 different countries, Tarsem's The Fall is an unforgettable movie experience. In 1920s Los Angeles, Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), a 5-year-old girl hospitalized from a fall, strikes up an unlikely friendship with Roy (Lee Pace, TV's Pushing Daisies), a Hollywood stuntman shattered by a near-fatal movie set accident and his lover's betrayal. To pass the time, he tells Alexandria the epic story of Governor Odious and the 5 remarkable heroes determined to defeat him - a dazzling world of magic and myth. Only when the line between reality and fantasy begins to dissolve does Alexandria realize how much is truly at stake Presented by David Fincher (Fight Club) and Spike Jonze (Adaptation), The Fall is an awe-inspiring, cinematic tour de force.
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got this last week is a mint film
Absolutely loved this film - would definately buy at this price... if only I had a blu-ray player....
I found the film a little strange to be honest but & this is a big BUT...The locations and the scenery in this film are absolutly stunning and probably one of the best films to show off your HD.TV.
Gold (Tier 1.25) on the AVS Forum reference quality list.. Doesn't get much better really..

Agreed though, it's a strange film.. Honestly, I didn;t enjoy it that much, but it's stunning to look at, some of the best visuals I've ever seen on Blu.
it's great! i love the strangeness!
same price at amazon
my dvd copy from play was atrocious, the film just stopped stuttered and fragmented for no reason right at the pivotal scene where...........then comes back then goes again, happened with two discs. Hopefully the blu-ray shouldn't have this issue but just a warning to those who have seen this but maybe thought the dvd (which is 4 quid if part of a buy 3 for 12 offer) is more suitable
Wait. Do you mean to tell me that are selling some Blurays for £5?? Why has noone said anything about this!!?



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This was actually posted first - the thread you are referring to came after this thread
Great film, and also perfect for Blu Ray.
great film - only seen it once but would watch again - especially now i have a blu-ray player.
Fantastic film that will showcase HD at its best! Excellent price too. Hugely underrated movie!
must have, already own it but very hot for £5
Sounds interesting, will 'Ice it' first
And I will add that film is amazing:)
Great film, with fantastic cinematography, well worth a watch.
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