The Fall Guy (TV Series / 6 DVD Box set) - £10.99 delivered @ !

The Fall Guy (TV Series / 6 DVD Box set) - £10.99 delivered @ !

Found 25th Sep 2008
4% Quidco

Danger is his business, and business is good!

When he's not crashing cars, setting himself on fire or jumping out of aeroplanes, Colt Seavers has a really dangerous job - he's a rough-and-tumble bounty hunter who always gets his man! Lee Majors stars as The Fall Guy, a fearless Hollywood stuntman for whom no stunt is too dangerous and no assignment too treacherous as he tracks notorious criminals, clashes with the mob and outfoxes wily bail-jumpers, never failing to bring them to justice. Buckle your seat belt and get ready to relive all the death-defying excitement and explosive action of Season One of this TV classic...Go for it!
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"I'm not one to kiss-and-tell, but I've been seen with Farah...". It still don't understand why I love this series...but I do. Hot.
Wow - I loved this series when I was a kid - think I will leave it as a pleasant memory though, in case watching it again is not quite the same...........

Good price though! :thumbsup:
"....cos I'm the unknown stuntman that makes Eastwood look so fine!"

Loved this series as a kid.
Aw loved this show as a kid, but not as much as the A-Team!
Loved this as a kid. Watched an episode recently and OMG it's terrable, masoginistic *&(_!
Didn't even manage to get to the end of the episode
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