The Fall - Live At The Witch Trials [2 CD Box set, Extra tracks / Expanded Deluxe Edition] £5.00 delivered @ Amazon (The Falls first album (not actually live - good old Mark E Smith)) [Loads of rare early Fall tracks]

The Fall - Live At The Witch Trials [2 CD Box set, Extra tracks / Expanded Deluxe Edition] £5.00 delivered @ Amazon (The Falls first album (not actually live - good old Mark E Smith)) [Loads of rare early Fall tracks]

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THE FALL Live At The Witch Trials (2008 UK 41-track 2-CD set the astounding debut longplayer from The Fall originally released in March 1979 now expanded with 10 bonus recordings taken from 1977 rehearsals; 1978 non-LP singles and their appearance on the live Short Circuit : Live At The Electric Circus 10" plus a bonus disc featuring 2 Peel sessions from May & November 1978 and 12 tracks recorded live at Mr Pickwicks Liverpool on 22nd August 1978; presented in sea led picture sleeve with extensive booklet & liner notes by Daryl Easlea.

The long, strange saga of the Fall, arguably the UK's firstpost-punk band, begins with LIVE AT THE WITCH TRIALS. The group's 1979 debut album was recorded in-studio (despite its title) during a single day, fully capturing the urgency of both the times and the music. Punk poet Mark E. Smith and hisragtag crew had actually been playing in one form or another since '77, so their sound here is surprisingly mature.

Nevertheless, there are some obvious differences between WITCH TRIALS and the style the Fall would develop over the nextfew years. While the jagged, angular guitars, herky-jerky rhythms, and apocalypse-now lyrics are all in place, there's more of a link to the past; a number of the songs are built around what could almost be conventional blues-rock riffs, and the Ginsberg-goes-to-Manchester frenzy of Smith's best-known material hasn't quite been reached here. Still, this is bold, striking stuff, new territory being gamely charted outby the band, who could never have guessed how seminal WITCHTRIALS would become.

CD 1
1. Frightened
2. Crap Rap 2 / Like To Blow
3. Rebellious Jukebox
4. No Xmas For John Quays
5. Mother-Sister!
6. Industrial Estate
7. Underground Medecin
8. Two Steps Back
9. Live At The Witch Trials
10. Futures And Pasts
11. Music Scene
Bonus tracks:
12. Bingo-Master's Break-Out! [1st single, August 1978]
13. Psycho Mafia [1st single, August 1978]
14. Repetition [1st single, August 1978]
15. It's A New Thing [2nd single, November 1978]
16. Various Time [2nd single, November 1978]
17. Dresden Dolls [rehearsal, Summer 1977]
18. Psycho Mafia [rehearsal, Summer 1977]
19. Industrial Estate [rehearsal, Summer 1977]
20. Stepping Out [live 2nd October 1977, Electric Circus, Manchester]
21. Last Orders [live 2nd October 1977, Electric Circus, Manchester]

CD 2
Peel Sessions:
1. Rebellious Juke Box [rec. 30/05, broadcast 15/6/78]
2. Mother Sister [rec. 30/05, broadcast 15/6/78]
3. Industrial Estate [rec. 30/05, broadcast 15/6/78]
4. Futures And Past [rec. 30/05, broadcast 15/6/78]
5. Put Away [rec. 27/11, broadcast 6/12/78]
6. Mess Of My [[rec. 27/11, broadcast 6/12/78]]
7. No Xmas For John Quay [[rec. 27/11, broadcast 6/12/78]]
8. Like To Blow [[rec. 27/11, broadcast 6/12/78]]
Live at Mr Pickwick's, Liverpool, 22nd August 1978:
9. Like To Blow
10. Stepping Out
11. Two Steps Back
12. Mess Of My
13. It's The New Thing
14. Various Time
15. Bingo-Master's Break-Out!
16. Frightened
17. Industrial Estate
18. Psycho Mafia
19. Music Scene
20. Mother-Sister!

* Play have similar listed at £5 but this doesn't contain all the tracks listed above ie only 39 tracks but they also have it listed on Play Trade with 41 tracks at £13.49


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Some great extras on this. Those Electric Circus tracks are brilliant. Very tempted to buy this for a *third* time (already have early 90s vinyl edition and early 2000s crap Voiceprint re-issue mastered from vinyl).

i bought up a load of these reissues a few years ago, definatley worth getting.

The version at is definitely the same version whatever the tracklisting says. It's been a fiver on there for at least a year so worth ordering if you want the Quidco pennies.

Voted hot-uh.
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