The Fall Seasons 1-3 only £19.99 @ iTunes

The Fall Seasons 1-3 only £19.99 @ iTunes

Found 10th Apr
A great price for another excellent box set.
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I am Mark E Smith.
It's on Amazon prime video if you have that.
Great show

Certainly not for Younger viewers (Inc Teens) it's not like Dexter it's more like Christian Grey becomes a Serial Killer
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Amazing series. Wasn't even going to watch it, and the Mrs persuaded me to. Really glad she did.
Only the first series was any good though IMO
They really could've done so much more with the third series.
Badbear7 h, 11 m ago

They really could've done so much more with the third series.

I agree.. Season 1 was obviously the best in my Opinion and 2 was good too 3 seemed rushed in a way but again that is just my Opinion.
Imagine watching this series having never seen Fifty Shades of Grey. That's me and the Mrs, that is. The first series was great and then it started to get rather implausible.
I thought they were going to have a huge court thing trying to prove he could remember and then set him free as his amnesia was impossible to disprove. And then he could've gone back to doing what he did best. Sadly that didn't happen and they seemingly decided to just cut it short almost like they had no more budget to go down the path they were leading us to
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