The Fall - The Fall Box Set 1976 - 2007 (5 CD Boxset) £9.84 (with voucher) + Free Delivery/Quidco @ Asda

The Fall - The Fall Box Set 1976 - 2007 (5 CD Boxset) £9.84 (with voucher) + Free Delivery/Quidco @ Asda

Found 3rd Mar 2009
A crucial inspiration to several generations of bands, the Fall virtually defined the late-1970s UK post-punk sound. Fall vocalist Mark E. Smith's sung/spoken rants may owe more to beat poetry than rock & roll, but his sociopolitical iconoclasm and the band's angular, cutting riffs and rhythms placed them squarely at the forefront of Britain's first major post-Pistols musical movement. In the '80s, their rough, guitar-based sounded expanded with the introduction of keyboards and more sophisticated production (largely due to the arrival of Smith's wife Brix as a band member), and personnel came and went, but Smith kept his ragtag rock army soldiering on all the way into the 21st century.

disc 1
1. Bingo Master's Break Out
2. No Xmas For John Quays [live]
3. Rowche Rumble [alternate take]
4. Before The Moon Falls
5. New Puritan [demo]
6. City Hobgoblins
7. Totally Wired
8. New Face In Hell
9. Container Drivers
10. Leave The Capitol
11. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
12. Classical
13. Hip Priest
14. Look Now
15. Marquis Cha Cha
16. Man Whose Head Expanded
17. Wings
18. Smile
disc 2
1. Oh Brother
2. Lay Of The Land
3. Couldn't Get Ahead
4. Bombast
5. Paintwork
6. LA
7. Mr Pharmacist
8. Dktr Faustus
9. Shoulder Pads No 1
10. Hey Luciani Play [excerpt/live at Hammersmith Apollo 1986]
11. There's A Ghost In My House
12. Hit The North [part four]
13. Guest Informant
14. Day In The Life
15. Athlete Cured
16. Bremen Nacht [LP version]
17. Big New Prinz
18. Dead Beat Descendant
disc 3
1. Telephone Thing [alternate version]
2. Bill Is Dead
3. Arms Control Poseur [remix]
4. Theme [Error Orrori]
5. Remixer
6. Free Range [single version]
7. Ed's Babe
8. Arid Al's Dream
9. Glam Racket
10. Past Gone Mad [alternate version]
11. Behind The Counter [single version]
12. M5 [remix]
13. Joke
14. Noel's Chemical Effluence
15. Plug Myself In [7" Nero mix]
16. He Pep
17. Inch
18. Recipe For Fascism
19. Ten Houses Of Eve [remix]
20. Calendar
disc 4
1. Horror In Clay
2. Touch Sensitive [dance mix]
3. Shake Off
4. Tom Raggazzi
5. Two Librans [demo]
6. Dr Buck's Letter
7. Distilled Mug Art
8. Pander Panda Panzer [excerpt]
9. Susan Vs Youthclub [remix]
10. Mike's Love Xexagon
11. Last Commands Of Xyralothep
12. We Are Mod Mock Goth
13. Portugal
14. Theme (1) [Sparta FC No 2]
15. I Can Hear The Grass Grow [slow version]
16. Blindness [alternate version]
17. Fall Sound [rough mix]
disc 5
1. Hey Fascist [live]
2. Brand New Cadillac [live]
3. My Condition [live]
4. Pop Stickers [live]
5. Session Musician [live]
6. Middle Mass Explanation [live]
7. I'm Into CB [stars on 45 version/live]
8. C 'n' C Black Night [live]
9. Perverted By Language [live]
10. He Talks [live]
11. Hey Marc Riley [live]
12. Countdown [live]
13. Race With The Devil [live]
14. Tunnel [live]
15. Interferance [live]
16. Jet Boy [live]
17. Walk Like A Man [live]
18. Boss [live]
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Looking at the track list theres alot of the classic fall tracks there,but alot of obvious ones are missing that are classics and should be there instead of the average tracks,shame there not on the boxset like kicker conspiracy,an older lover and eat yourself fitter(whats a computer?love that line)just a few essentials that arent there that are classic fall tracks and should have been on the boxset imho.
Surely they did more than this in that time period!

must've spent all that time drinking down his local.
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