The Fantastic 5 DVD Boxset (Christmas Themed Cartoons) - £5.19 @ Forget The Rest

The Fantastic 5 DVD Boxset (Christmas Themed Cartoons) - £5.19 @ Forget The Rest

Found 2nd Jun 2008
Okay, I know it's only June...(!)

Next cheapest is £14.99 at 101CD/BlahDVD and

Five features.
'Flight Of The Reindeer' a family film, finds a professor travelling to the North Pole to see if reindeer really can fly.

'Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer And The Island Of Misfit Toys' is a musical which sees Rudolph in pursuit of the villainous Toy-Taker who has stolen all the toys from Santa's warehouse.

'Annabelle's Wish' is a musical based on the legend that on Christmas Eve Santa Claus gives all animals a speaking voice for one night only...

'Casper's Haunted Christmas' finds Casper and his uncles threatened with expulsion from Ghostdom for not behaving properly.

'Ben Hur' tells the classic story of a man who defies the Romans and brings tragedy to himself and his family. Set against the back-drop of the life of Jesus.

Ben Hur?? How..."festive".


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Get set early for Xmas.

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Get set early for Xmas.

It's obviously sending me doolally already, because I put "Chrismas" and still thought it was May. :thinking::w00t:

only 29 weeks till christmas lol

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Now down to £5.19!
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