The Fantastic Star Master Bedroom Cosmic Light Projector £13.99 @ Amazon
The Fantastic Star Master Bedroom Cosmic Light Projector  £13.99 @ Amazon

The Fantastic Star Master Bedroom Cosmic Light Projector £13.99 @ Amazon

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Good for the kids' bedrooms or even for adults to help with sleeping or to relax. Free delivery, too.

Ordered one for myself as mood lighting as it doesn't look tacky and childish like others you can get for over double this price.

Can't wait for it to arrive!


isnt this the same thing?

it came up below your item in the "other things people bought" bit and is coming up free delivery if you sign up for the "Prime next day free delivery" trial thing.

i think mine might be a smaller version

Looks great from the reviews on Amazon - thanks for the heads up!

I noticed lots of different versions of the same product on Amazon. For example, one for £7
but this cheaper one doesn't come with a power adapter (battery operated).

Original Poster

Think like it was said, the cheaper one is indeed much smaller and the cheaper one is battery operated only. The pictures in this one show that this one will cover one whole wall. Interestingly, also it looks as if it might be able to be connected to the computer looking at the USB style plug. One of them is almost 60 quid too: this one is definitely the safe option will all the good reviews.

Usually these sell for 40+ in highstreet retailers. Always wanted one and only came across this by luck.

The battery operated one of these is AWFUL, falls apart constantly and doesn't light up that bright. Hopefully this ones better, cos you can get the others for a couple of quid in b&m! (I paid more! Grr!)


i bought this from ebay and was terrible! was plastic and flimsy and within a week it was in the bin. it was made of cheap film. this looks exactly the same one

I got mine for £3 in Halfcost.
There is no way it is worth £13. It is basically a lamp which a black shade with see through holes to create a 'star'effect. Was very flimsey too. Advice not worth buying it!

Don't trust the 5* stars reviews on Amazon, this is an crappy item made of flimsy plastic.

Note, the size of the item: 10.9 x 10.9 x 12.9 cm - size of tin can.

This is not in the same league as £40+ star light projectors.

I got this for £3 at bigoffers.co.uk a while back. It is quite a pleasant lamp, although nothing amazing.

Not a amazon item, and it really looks poor.
THe OP is not the owner of the company by any chance???

Review from amazon says it all.

Don't be mislead by this products description , I received one , and it was poorly constructed as the plastic was not even straight , the charger port was put in at an angle and looked terrible , it easily falls apart. Also stopped working within 10 minutes of having it. I really wouldn'
t both

Thanks for this deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!



No idea why this was featured on playpennies... Its way overpriced, lol

In this case it should of read.

"things for the tip"
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