The Fearless Vampire KIllers DVD @ Play & Amazon for £2.69 delivered

The Fearless Vampire KIllers DVD @ Play & Amazon for £2.69 delivered

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One of my all time favourite vampire films even though it's a comedy horror.

Clever comedy-horror film directed by Roman Polanski. An expert on bats, Professor Abronsius and his dim-witted assistant, Alfred, travel to Transylvania to try to find and destroy vampires. Alfred falls for the vampire's latest target - the inn-keeper's daughter.

Also known as 'Dance Of The Vampires' and 'Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are In My Neck.'


Great film.

A favourite film here too, definitely worth a punt at this price for someone that hasn't seen it! Funny and creepy in equal measure, the ballroom scene cracks me up every time! X)

great film!

Really good film.

Fantastic and slightly overlooked Polanski classic.

Loved this film. The atmosphere of the film is truly captivating. Kind of like a Grimm Brothers fairy tale.

I'm sure its a great film but I'm averse Polanski because of his, uhm - 'history'.

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I'm not sticking up for his "history" cos it can never be justified but in there you've got to remember what the Manson family did to him. You just don't know how something like that could effect you.

Great film, it's a shame what happened to Sharon in real life as she looks stunning in this.

Great soundtrack, funny and as mentioned above very atmospheric

Great movie - get this bargain from Amazon, to watch after 'let the right one in' (you'll need something whimsical!)

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Must agree with fingerman, Sharon Tate really does look stunning in this movie
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