The Fifth Element: Two-Disc Special Edition - £3 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)
The Fifth Element: Two-Disc Special Edition - £3 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)

The Fifth Element: Two-Disc Special Edition - £3 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)

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IN-STORE ONLY. Next best is £4.99 at Play. Has an EXCELLENT full-bitrate DTS track.

Having established an ancient temple on the planet Earth, the alien Mondoshawan race return in 1914 with four mystic stones, representing the elements, and remove a casket containing the Fifth Element, known as the Supreme Being. In the 23rd century an alien sphere of pure evil threatens the Earth, and priest Cornelius (Ian Holm) prophesies that the Fifth Element is required to defeat it. When an approaching Mondoshowan ship is destroyed, its remnants form into a female humanoid, Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), who is aided by taxi driver Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis). Cornelius realizes that Leeloo is the Fifth Element, and he and Korben set out to reunite her with the other four elements.


Which Asda did you pick it up at? I'm on crutches atm so i'll ask my gf to pick it up next time she pops to asda

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This was ASDA West Swindon in their "Bargain" chart next to the new releases.

Great Film, Great Price.. HOT :thumbsup:

chris tucker is funny in this lol hot

does it still come with slipcase?

Good film, hot price. Might pop in.


does it still come with slipcase?

The ones I saw in Carlisle did have a slip case.

multi pass .... gr8 film!

Its been this price for ages and has been posted before:


Great deal though.

£3 for a swatch at Milla.... Well worth it

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