THE FIGHT - PS3 MOVE GAME - £9.99 @ Argos/Ebay

THE FIGHT - PS3 MOVE GAME - £9.99 @ Argos/Ebay

Found 27th Nov 2011
The most realistic motion controlled fighting game released to date, The Fight for PlayStation 3 challenges players to conquer the brutal world of illegal underground fighting utilizing the PlayStation Move controller and the PlayStation Eye camera peripheral.
Together these two seamlessly translate the players realistic physical actions to those of the character on the screen, allowing the players to fight however they choose.
Keep it clean with standard jabs and punches, or fight dirty with headbutts, headlocks and more.
The choice is yours as you take on 12 fighting venues filled with thugs and bosses and eventually take the fight online to unleash the skills you've learned against live virtual opponents.
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Can anybody give their thoughts on the game? is it any good?
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