The Firm Special Edition Steelbook DVD - Gary Oldman  - Sainsburys - £4.99

The Firm Special Edition Steelbook DVD - Gary Oldman - Sainsburys - £4.99

Found 17th Aug 2009Made hot 21st Aug 2009
Picked this up today in Thorpe St Andrews Sainsbury store.
Next best is LoveFilm at 4.93 if you want to wait for the postie.

Extras are:

Audio commentary by actors Lesley Manville & Phil Davis
Introduction by David Leland
Director: Alan Clarke - documentary on the film-maker
Timewatch - BBC documentary charting roots of football violence
The Late Show - BBC discussion programme on The Firm, screened day after the film's premiere on BBC2 in 1989
Plus 8-page collectors booklet


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I thought this was the Tom Cruise film, and was going to comment that I hadn't realised Gary Oldman was in this. :oops:


They have remade this and it looks shocking.

Cannot beat the original, Phil Mitchell, Jim MacDonald and Benny from Grange Hill. Legendary!

if you buy online you may get a plastic case version over the steelbook.

i have a spare copy of the steelbook edition, will post for £4.50 paypal gift if anyone interested?


class film

oldman rocks

one of my fav films ever. classic gary oldman.
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