The First Years Coloured Booster Seat - £10.28 @Tesco Direct!
The First Years Coloured Booster Seat - £10.28 @Tesco Direct!

The First Years Coloured Booster Seat - £10.28 @Tesco Direct!

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The First Years Coloured Booster Seat - £10.28 @Tesco Direct! Order online to collect instore or use sim loophole ..

This First Years coloured booster seat folds easily for travel and has a serving tray which fits on top to ensure a clean eating surface. This booster seat is suitable for babies from the age of 6 months+.

Folds easily for travel, serving tray fits on top to ensure clean eating surface, quick 1 hand release


have used one of these for the last 18 months...average. The kids dont like it as its uncomfortable, it has nooks a and crannies for dirt. Although it can 'travel' we have just had it at home. Avoid.

We also have this one from IKEA, Its FANTASTIC, for £10. (ANTILOP)

I have done the 'pepsi' challenge and the Ikea wins hands down. The kids always argue about who gets to sit in the white seat!

I bought this for a holiday abroad and it is fantastic for traveling, also good because you can put it in the dishwasher (although doesn't benefit me because I don't have one). I think this a really good deal for the price but gotta agree with stapsell about the nooks and crannies for dirt and the Ikea chair which my son has at my mum's house.... it is fantastic and I would recommend it over the £70 high chair I bought from John Lewis for my house! The Tesco Value booster is pretty good too.

it looks really uncomfy and old fashined carp really lol... i'll try the ikea one. i'd recommend the chicco happy snack one as a non travel one any day!

It's been this price for a while now, and was posted a few weeks ago ]here.

I bought two, and they've been great. I don't think they're designed to be an full-time alternative to a high chair - more like a handier, transportable chair for when your LO is staying at someone else's house, etc... Our 7 month old gets on fine with it.


it looks really uncomfy and old fashined carp really lol...

old fashioned? what are you on about?!

this is a booster seat, not a full-blown high chair. The idea is that you use a high chair mostly, but have one of these for journeys/visits to places that don't have high chairs.

I've got one like this. It's great my dd loves it- she's nearly two and a half. She no longer wants to sit in her highchair (luckily because the next one needs it) because she wants to be a big girl, but she's too small to just sit on the chair. It's easy to clean and quite comfy for her.

We have one of these at 'grannies' house. My Daughter gave it up after 2 years of using it, to let my 8 month old son take over. Its perfect for keeping there. It is a bit of a pain in the ass with the gaps food can get in to but easy to get out with the hoover and a baby wipe!

Voted hot too!

hot from me .. thanks

I have this for my nephew he loves it, hes quite happy to sit there,plus he can sit at table with the adults properly as you can remove the tray, it was also easy to put together and i dont find it difficult to clean at all
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