The Forbidden Kingdom (Blu-ray) £7.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco/5% Voucher Discount @ Play

The Forbidden Kingdom (Blu-ray) £7.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco/5% Voucher Discount @ Play

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Found 30th Apr 2009
Between £10 and £23 elsewhere

In Forbidden Kingdom, American teenager Jason (Michael Angarano), who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kungfu classics, finds an antique Chinese staff in a pawn shop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King (Jet Li). With the lost relic in hand, Jason unexpectedly finds himself transported back to ancient China.

There, he meets the drunken kungfu master, Lu Yan (Jackie Chan); an enigmatic and skillful Silent Monk (Jet Li); and a vengeance-bent kungfu beauty, Golden Sparrow (Crystal Liu Yi Fei), who lead him on his quest to return the staff to its rightful owner, the Monkey King - imprisoned in stone by the evil Jade Warlord (Collin Chou) for five hundred years. Along the way, while attempting to outmaneuver scores of Jade Warriors, Cult Killers and the deadly White Hair Demoness, Ni Chang (Li Bing Bing), Jason learns about honor, loyalty and friendship, and the true meaning of kungfu, and thus frees himself.

Special Features
Bonus footage
Commentary (Rob Minkoff (Director) and John Fusco (Writer), Deleted Scenes With Commentary by Rob Minkoff (Director) and John Fusco (Writer))
Other documentaries ('The Kung Fu Dream Team', 'Dangerous Beauty', 'Discovering China', 'Filming In Chinawood', 'Monkey Kings and The Eight Immortals', 'Molog')
Storyboard comparisons
Bonus View PIP Feature
Storyboarding and Pre-Visualization - The Movie Before The Movie


Fort this was a pretty good film, good find mate, heat added

Or you could go for this version:…d=1
That's £6.63 including postage and it works fine on UK Blu-ray players.
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