The Forever Story - Free £1 Donation To Treehouse - Child Autism Charity

The Forever Story - Free £1 Donation To Treehouse - Child Autism Charity

Found 15th Sep 2008Made hot 15th Sep 2008
This is completely free, use your creative talent to add a few lines to the forever story (started by Nick Hornby) and £1 will be donated to the charity Treehouse for children with autism by Talk Talk.

The go to deal link is taking you to the Talk Talk webpage (I think its the way I posted the deal under Talk Talk deals?) but the direct link is below, just copy and paste in your browser.

Very worthwhile and it wont cost you a penny so your basically getting to make a free donation to help a childrens charity.

There are more details on the webpage (spoken word as well as in print)

correct link...gotta wait...thanks to choc1969

- magicbeans


Off to do my addition to the story, To support the charity.

Couldn't launch the story, will try again later. Great idea!!

other link didn't work, but then again this one is still trying to load after several minutes :?

All I get is ...... Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk .......!!!!!!

Great idea!!

Link(s) doesn't work

I tried, but it got stuck on the talk talk logo for me too

Why is this hot if the link doesn't work?
I waited for ages but still nothing .... just talk talk talk talk talk ....

Oh well, I tried to do a good deed !

Original Poster

Its still there and it does work I just clicked the link "choc1969" supplied (thanks), its not expired or spam.
Its a way to give a pound to a childrens charity without puting your hands in your pocket?

The site must have been busy so please take two mins out your bargain hunting day for a good cause

Works fine now :thumbsup:

goof deal!

only took a couple of mins to load using link from comments :-D

Works now. Great fun.

OP change the link to one posted by choc1969

It's working now ... heat added

great find, thankyou very much, you'll probably single handedly raise this charity a lot of money so thankyou on their behalf!

heat and rep added.

Good fun! Just added my bit to the story.

What a lovely idea. Will forward the link to friends too.

Thanks for posting this. Done my bit, forwarded it on, etc....

Prufrock (whose son is autistic.)

Fab - great idea.

It'd be nice to see what it turns out like say this time next year!!!

:thumbsup: Great find, ,done my bit.

Excellent cause and cost's you nothing but 60 seconds of your time.
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