The Free Willy Collection (DVD) - £6.97 Delivered @ Amazon UK

The Free Willy Collection (DVD) - £6.97 Delivered @ Amazon UK

Found 11th Apr 2011
Good price!


101CD: £9.99
Base: £9.99
BlahDVD: £9.99
Zavvi/The Hut: £10.45
Play: £10.99


Free Willy: Three and one-half tonnes of best friend: family adventure doesn't get any bigger! Willy is an orca whale confined in a Pacific Northwest aquatic park's too-small tank and separated from his family in the nearby bay. No one understands Willy's moods - except a 12 year-old boy who knows what it's like to be without a family. That boy is scruffy street kid Jesse (Jason James Richter), who befriends Willy and risks all to set him free.

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home: Two years after helping his friend escape into the sea, Jesse enjoys life with his adoptive parents and is delighted to be reunited with the 3 tonne killer whale. However, a crashed supertanker causes an oil spill which threatens the life of both...

Free Willy 3: The Rescue: Now 16, Jesse has taken a job on an orca research ship to encounter his old friend threatened by illegal whalers hoping to make money from turning the whale into sushi...

Free Willy - Escape From Pirate's Cove: Young Kirra (Bindi Irwin) leaves her Australian home to summer with her grandfather (Beau Bridges) in South Africa, she soon discovers a baby orca stranded in the lagoon near her grandfather's rundown seaside amusement park. She names the lonely whale Willy - and embarks on a quest to lead the little guy back to his anxious pod before her grandfather's greedy rival turns Willy into a captive, moneymaking attraction at his slick theme park.

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