The Frighteners [DVD] [1997] @ Amazon £3.65

The Frighteners [DVD] [1997] @ Amazon £3.65

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Im not expecting much love for this film but i do think more peeps should see a vastly underrated film from Lord of the Rings himself Peter Jackson, good news is there will be a Blu Ray version coming in November this year

Actors: Michael J. Fox, Trini Alvarado, Peter Dobson, John Astin, Jeffrey Combs
Directors: Peter Jackson

One movie-lover's nightmare is another's raucous joyride, and this special effects-laden horror comedy is bound to split both camps right down the middle. Michael J Fox plays a psychic investigator who can actually see ghosts, and lives with a trio of spirits who scare people to promote Fox's ghost-busting business. In a town infamous for serial killings, a new series of deaths prompts Fox to induce his own out-of-body experience so he can battle death in a spirit-plagued netherworld where evil reigns supreme--or something like that. So much happens in this chaotic film that you might feel like you're watching several movies at once--a slasher pic, a supernatural thriller, and a black comedy all rolled into one non-stop showcase for grisly makeup and a dozen varieties of special effects. It's an odd but wildly inventive film from New Zealand director Peter Jackson, who earned critical acclaim for his previous film Heavenly Creatures and would later create the ingenious pseudo-documentary Forgotten Silver. --Jeff Shannon,
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Remember seeing this as a kid, great film and one f my favourites. May check out and see if there is a blu ray release tho

I love this film.

Great Film, Already got the DVD some years ago but it gets rewatched every now and again. Heat+

Completely under rated film, definitely one you can watch again and again.

Yeah great film, might wait for the Bluray though.

Great film, and one of the ledge that is MJF's last before stopping acting due to his Parkinsons.

Yeah great film and the best dvd cover ever!

A really enjoyable and quite scary film.

Original Poster

Good to see there is a lot of love for a film a lot of people don't know about. ( making me 17 year old son watch it with me under threat of no car for weekend now he loves it and wants the Blu ray for xmas when it comes out )

Good enjoyable Movie - Michael J Fox is brilliant in this!

Awesome film!!

good film - got this on laserdisc
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