The Fugitive - Special Edition [DVD] (Harrison Ford) £3.49 @ Amazon
The Fugitive - Special Edition [DVD] (Harrison Ford) £3.49 @ Amazon

The Fugitive - Special Edition [DVD] (Harrison Ford) £3.49 @ Amazon

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The Fugitive - Special Edition [DVD] (Harrison Ford) £3.49 @ Amazon

£3.99 at Play & £4.75 at HMV so seems a good price.

The Fugitive could have been just another action movie, compelling in the cinema but losing impact on the small screen, were it not for two things: it has a brilliant script and a very strong line-up of actors. When eminent surgeon Dr Richard Kimble is wrongly convicted of his wife’s brutal murder (let’s face it--his story about doing battle with a one-armed intruder is hardly plausible), he's sentenced to death. Fate, however, gives him a second chance when his prison bus is involved in an accident with a train and he escapes, determined to find the real killer and clear his name. Hot on his heels is the relentless, wise-cracking Sam Gerard, a marshal with a mission.

The two stars, Harrison Ford (Kimble, kooky beard and 47 shades of anguish) and Tommy Lee Jones (Gerard, for which he deservedly won an Oscar) not surprisingly steal the show with their battle of wits and muscle. It's a rapport that develops as the film progresses, and is both complex and fascinating--no facile goodie versus baddie scenario here. And the essential slime factor comes from Kimble's sinisterly suave friend, Dr Nichols (Joroen Krabbé superb). Great story, brilliantly done; altogether, a breathlessly enthralling two hours.

On the DVD: The Fugitive special edition features a commentary from director Andrew Davis, introducing characters and offering background insight, plus a three-way phone conversation between Davis, Ford and Jones on their experiences of the movie. There's also detailed commentary on how the spectacular train crash was set up and the endless saga of perfecting the script. Also, the usual scene selections, theatrical trailer, choice of languages (English, French and Italian) and a broad choice of subtitles. A pretty impressive package overall.

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