The Future Is Wild (3 DVD Box Set) £5.87 delivered @ 101CD (+ 24 ipoints)

The Future Is Wild (3 DVD Box Set) £5.87 delivered @ 101CD (+ 24 ipoints)

Found 29th Apr 2009
13 episodes, 390 minutes

A team of scientists gather together to try and predict what the world could be like if modern civilization is wiped out. It tells the story of the future of our planet through three future time periods. The first four programmes are set 5 million years from now, the next four are set in 100 million years and the last four are set in 200 million years from now. In addition, there is an overview episode introducing the whole series, making 13 episodes in total.

Created on the basis of real biological and evolutionary theories provided by a group of eminent scientists and using the latest animation techniques, THE FUTURE IS WILD brings to life the natural world yet to come. Creatures and places are named, ice-ages are predicted, and cataclysmic events unfold when THE FUTURE IS WILD!

5 Million Years From Now: The Earth is in the last throes of the current ice age. Humans are extinct and much of the world's fresh water is locked up in the huge ice caps that reach as far south as Paris and north to Buenos Aires. On the edges of the ice, animals have adapted to the bitter cold and vicious winters; in the tropics, the rainforest has all but disappeared, replaced by dry savannah. Yet change is in the air - a sudden increase in volcanic eruptions pours greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the planet begins to warm up, and the melting ice creates massive, devastating floods.

100 Million Years From Now: Volcanoes belching out greenhouse gases eventually turned the Earth into a hothouse - sweltering, steamy, wet. Rainforests coat the land and the atmosphere is rich in carbon dioxide and oxygen. Animals adapt to the damp warmth; insects grow huge, flying insects have metre wingspans, and the world's biggest creatures walk the Earth. But the Earth itself is restless. Although volcanoes have been active throughout, now, huge eruptions bring the planet to the brink of its worst disaster ever. Most of life is annihilated, leaving the world barren and empty. Or is it?

200 Million Years From Now: After the last great mass extinction, just a few life forms had survived, and free from old pressures and competition, they have evolved into strange and bizarre creatures - beyond imagination. The slow drift of the continents over the globe has finally brought the landmasses together into one super-continent, and most of the world is covered in a huge ocean. What new life has evolved in this ocean? What has the process of evolution done to life on the super continent? And what will happen next?

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