The Godfather £1:99 DELIVERED! @ ChoicesUK

The Godfather £1:99 DELIVERED! @ ChoicesUK

Found 20th Mar 2008Made hot 20th Mar 2008
The first part of Francis Ford Coppola's Mafia trilogy is an epic success in every way. Charting the rise of the Corleone empire up to the death of the Don (Brando) and the battle for succession amongst his sons, it won virtually every award of 1972 - including Best Picture, Actor and Screenplay - and boasts a memorable music score by Nino Rota.

This is a DVD
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great price for a must see film

Nice find Thanks!

Thanks cycleman :thumbsup:

The Godfather Movie is just like wine, it seems te older it get , the better. hot, and ordered.

The best movie ever. Period.

Who is in 'Period'? Never heard of it.

brill film, and for part 1 at this price, thumbs up

:thumbsup:, had it on vhs and was due for upgrade, thanks.

Fantastic film and a great price !!

According to Amazon there is a remastered edition released in june.

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