The Golden Compass £10 @ Asda
The Golden Compass £10 @ Asda

The Golden Compass £10 @ Asda

Buy forBuy forBuy for£10
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The Golden Compass at Asda. Super Cheap


There is no reason to put "Not HD or Blue-Ray" this will just make it come up in search results when people are searching for these terms!

The Golden Compass DVD would have been fine!

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Yeah, I'm a ****!!


Ice cold im afraid mate lol... you can get it on blu ray for £8.93 here thehut.com/hut…uct

bit of polar bear/artic cold here!

£4.51 amazon, £4.99 for the 2 disc at hmv

£5 at sainsburys. This is the DVD right? As noted, Blu-Ray is cheaper. Cold, I'm afraid!

Some people need to think about it before posting deals.

After all the site is HOT uk deals not that you would really notice these days, but this is one of the worst ive ever seen

Voted arctic

cheweyone, stop posting deals yours just finding via google without looking to see if its a deal, your filling the site with cr*p

Rubbish film. Rubbish on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Read the books - much better.

Cold as ice..

In google type..

The Golden Compass DVD

Whats the top results??

Shopping results for The Golden Compass DVDThe Golden Compass (2 Disc) [2007] £5.95 - base.com
The Golden Compass: DVD Adventure Game £6.99 - Play.com
The Golden Compass (DVD) £5.99 - eBay - The UK's ...


he Golden Compass DVD

The Golden Compass

RRP: £22.79 You Save: £16.26

DVD £6.53 Free Delivery


Am i missing something here?? your menat to post deals not the most expensive price..

Picked up the 2 disc edition for a fiver just before Christmas!

You have to be nuts to pay more than £5.00 for a DVD since the advent of Blu-Ray!

Ok I lied I did pay £5.99 for Hellboy 2 (Special Edition) from Boarders the other day but thats about the max!


Damn it's cold in here!


Damn it's cold in here!

Your not kidding! absolute zero is −273.15° on the Celsius scale, so this post is colder than cold, which is rather chilly!
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