The Golden Compass on 360 @ Tesco *Instore* for £1
The Golden Compass on 360 @ Tesco *Instore* for £1

The Golden Compass on 360 @ Tesco *Instore* for £1

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Just went to Tesco Nottingham (Hucknall) and they had 5 copies of The Golden Compass on 360 for £1

Just looked online and cant find it

Should be nationwide if your local has the stock.


I got this from my local Tesco about 18 months ago also for £1, its not the best game but well worth £1

any chance you could get me one and i'll pay you postage?

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any chance you could get me one and i'll pay you postage?

Sorry Not there now, and i am going on holiday tomorrow morning (thats why i was doing a last quick shop). If there are any when i get back i dont mind but dont think they will still be there.

£1 = 1000 gamerscore = Sweetness !!

IN case anybody is interrested I saw the PS3 version in Gamestation for £0.99, not sure if it was new or preowned.

wound not mind getting this, maybe try and get it. love the books so this go in my collection

Mediocre at best...and why would you want to play mediocre games unless you hate yourself? Even for a quid! :oops:

better get down hucknall:thumbsup:

Picked this up from Tesco about 6 months ago at this price. I thought I'd get it for the achievements but it is soooo bad that I can't stand playing it.

If anyone does play it then look out for the shockingly bad English accent on one of the boys. I think his name is Roger

I heard that the obnoxious (crap actress) Nicole Kidman demanded the story be changed because the original story was critical of religion in general and the catholic church in paticular.
Thought the story itself was drivel, (gave up a third of the way through Bartimaeus is better, and thats poor) but there y'go - I agree with the author about religion being more trouble than it's worth and hideously corrupt though.
So no - I wouldn't even pay a quid for it

Oh right. Its the game not the dvd
Still no.

Voted hot as I need a spare DVD case and a quid ain't too shabby


Oh right. Its the game not the dvdStill no.

LOL agreed

Hogz of war;8222338


In theory I agree, but posting painfully unfunny rants on youtube as a cartoon squirrel has to be a hundred times more sad and pathetic than the worst achievement *****.

Found this at Tesco's Hull, unaware of this thread, were half a dozen on shelf, grabbed one may as well lol
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