The Golden Compass PlayStation 3 £4.00 @ CeX online and instore

The Golden Compass PlayStation 3 £4.00 @ CeX online and instore

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Found 26th May 2009Made hot 3rd Jun 2009
Hi, picked this up today, last one in LEEDS. Thought it was a bargain, mine was in really mint condition, especially cheap if you're trading something in as well.

Product Description
The official game of the New Line Cinema feature film 'The Golden Compass', starring Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, newcomer Dakota Blue Richards, and Daniel Craig. Based on Philip Pullman's best-selling and award-winning first novel in the His Dark Materials trilogy

Immerse yourself in a parallel world where giant armoured bears rule a kingdom, beautiful witches fly through frozen skies and a human beings soul manifests itself as a transforming talking animal - their demon. Assume the role of Lyra, a rebellious young girl, as she journeys through the frozen wastes of the North on an epic quest to save not only her own world, but ours as well.

Assume the role of Lyra's demon Pan to help her solve puzzles, collaborate with other characters to gain vital information and collect special items in order to explore, evade and deceive their way through confrontations and adventures. Gamers can also play as Lorek, a giant armoured polar bear and Lyra's companion, who battles enemies with his powerful attacks and special moves.



yeah there is a reason its so cheap - i paid £5 for this from zavvi some 6 months ago and that was brand new. very poor game. i cant give it away and since i usually trade to CEX, if its now £4 then they will offer me under £2 cash for it and id rather keep it.

Yeah, this is apparently the worst game on the ps3......

expensive beermat :whistling:


expensive beermat :whistling:



HOT HOT HOT all out online picked one up in leeds

Horrible game. Seriously, save the fiver.
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