The Great Fusion Free @ Google Play Store
The Great Fusion Free @ Google Play Store

The Great Fusion Free @ Google Play Store

Down from £1.99 (apparently one day only)

The Great Fusion is a third person graphic adventure set in the year 2022. Rich people are richer and poor people are even poorer. Laws are absurd, the Copyright crusaders prosecute free culture and large corporations are managed by incompetent people. And that’s science fiction, right?

Max, a young and brilliant programmer, will fall into poverty and will fight to make a living trying to avoid falling for his own ignorance, experiencing thousands of crazy situations, amidst countless nods to classic graphic adventures and films from pop culture.

WARNING: - Game may contain STRONG LANGUAGE in certain dialogs.

- Entertaining story with hilarious dialogs
- Current affairs remarks with nods to social criticism
- Hand-drawn artwork
- Original soundtrack
- User-friendly interface
- Optimised for touch screen devices
- Multilanguage : English, Spanish, French, Italian, German

We are always trying to improve. We’d be delighted to receive your opinions and we will take them into account for future projects!



'- Current affairs remarks with nods to social criticism'
Interesting description for a main feature!

Great find! I've got to be honest. I've been really impressed by the quality of games coming out on Android.

Ahh .... no worms for me

Have a horrible feeling it may be like some of those annoying flash games that I always have to look up spoilers for, still, it's a freebie!

I imagine I'll enjoy it once I get past the second screen. As in real life, the option to shoot the landlady simply isn't there...

Free so it's hot from me!


good find op

Nice one.

Damn it missed out!

No longer FREE
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