The Great Journeys Collection - 20 Books only £9.99 + Free Delivery (With Voucher) @ The Book People

The Great Journeys Collection - 20 Books only £9.99 + Free Delivery (With Voucher) @ The Book People

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Found 19th Sep 2009
Travel around the planet and back through the centuries in some of the most exciting travel adventures ever told. Here you'll discover great civilisations, walls of ice, violent and implacable jungles, deserts and mountains and multitudes of birds and flowers new to science. Beautifully repackaged in a stylish new livery, these epic tales are designed to help you see the world afresh and will open your eyes to a world in which so much was still to be discovered.

Size: 18.1cm x 11.1cm Publisher: Penguin Group No. of pages: Varies Format: Paperback

Books included : -
Snakes with Wings & Gold-digging Ants by Herodotus
From The Meadows of Gold by Al Mas'udi
The Customs of the Kingdoms of India by Marco Polo
The Shipwrecked Men by Cabeza de Vaca
Can-cans, Cats & Cities of Ash by Mark Twain
In the Heart of the Amazon Forest by Walter Henry Bates
Borneo, Celebes, Aru by Alfred Russel Wallace
Jaguars & Electric Eels by Alexander Von Humboldt
Piracy, Turtles & Flying Foxes by William Dampier
Life on the Golden Horn by Mary Wortley Montagu
Hunt for the Southern Continent by James Cook
Sold as a Slave by Olaudah Equiano
Escape from the Antarctic by Ernest Shackleton
Fighting in Spain by George Orwell
Across the Empty Quarter by Wilfred Thesiger
The Cobra's Heart by Ryszard Kapuscinski
To the Holy Shrines by Sir Richard Burton
Adventures in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella Bird
A Journey to the End of the Russian Empire by Anton Chekhov
The Congo and the Cameroons by Mary Kingsley


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Great deal. These books are a fiver each in Borders and most bookshops.

Heat n Rep.

Got these a while ago. I'm still working my way through them! Great value.

great price - will keep me busy for a long time. heat!
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