The Great Solgar Multivitamin Giveaway
The Great Solgar Multivitamin Giveaway

The Great Solgar Multivitamin Giveaway

For more than 60 years Solgar has introduced innovative and scientifically advanced multivitamin formulas, especially tailored for you and your individual nutritional needs and lifestyle choices. With over 10 unique multivitamin formulas - and a dedication to nutritional research - it is no surprise that Solgar are known as the 'Multivitamin Experts.' A title they are proud to wear.

Just enter your postcode to find nearest stockist for a weeks free vitamins and money off vouchers. Solgar are the Rolls Royce of vitamins and highly recommended.


Hi Sun Hope You Are Well:)

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Hi Sun Hope You Are Well:)

Hey Raptor, great thanks, stuck at work though :-(

I hate having to go to work , it's unfair, stealing time I should be spending with my family :-(

You doing good? How's the liitle'un?

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Form here: … Form here: http://www.solgar-vitamins.co.uk/index.php?option=com_performs&formid=1&Itemid=54Just put "Sample request" in enquiry box.

Thanks Predikuesi, not sure it's the same thing but worth a shot as well probably! :thumbsup:

Heat Added, Thanks:thumbsup:

shh!perdy's asleep:)
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