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Posted 1 January 2023

The Han Wars (plus Prequel Series): A Space Fleet Saga by Chuck Grossart FREE on Kindle @ Amazon

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The Han Wars

From Book 1: The Republic has known peace for nearly a century. Memories of the Han War have faded over time, with the pain and suffering of total war, and sense of shared sacrifice in the face of annihilation, both distant memories. Disagreements among member systems threaten to fracture the cohesiveness of a united Republic, but the Combined Fleet—an aging shadow of what it once was—still stands guard.

Beyond the outer reaches of Republic space, an old enemy prepares to strike. Fueled by the bitterness of defeat, and enflamed by an apparent sneak attack, the Han cultivate the seeds of dissent among those in the Republic sympathetic to their cause. To the Han Bloc, the moment to act has arrived. Once again.

The Han Wars Prequels

From Book 1: LT Blake "Scratch" Adler is on a classified mission deep in hostile space, a mission that might prevent another war...or unleash a holocaust.

Here's a couple of other series that have been posted before.


(in the past this has only been free for one day, so don't delay)

The Fringe Collection
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. drawll's avatar
    I assume its set before he went solo.
  2. lucas's avatar
    What in the copyright is this?
  3. Bargainsrule's avatar
    I've been holding off quite a few as I've got so many but this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Thanks once again JustExhumed, as always, heat given
  4. mittromney's avatar
    Is Han Solo in it?
  5. mkpianist's avatar
    I’ve no idea what these books are like, but the fact they use the words ‘Han’, ‘Wars’ and ‘Republic’ suggests that the actual works will be equally derivative.

    If authors and publishers could avoid using groups of words so clearly associated with other works, that would be good. Also, if rappers and other artists could do the same when choosing their stage names, that would also be handy.
  6. EMHUKD's avatar
    Did the op write these books?
    davidbrent's avatar
    I believe Just Exhumed posts quite a few freebie book offers from various authors so unless they operate under a variety of pen names, I doubt it.
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