The Happening (With Bonus Digital Copy) (Blu-ray) £5.99 delivered @ Play

The Happening (With Bonus Digital Copy) (Blu-ray) £5.99 delivered @ Play

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Found 23rd Jul 2010
Not M. Night Shyamalans greatest film, but a decent enough yarn; and elsewhere:-
Amazon £9.99
Tesco £12.47
The Hut £17.95
PowePlay direct £27.99

In this heart pounding apocalyptic thriller from M.Night Shyamalan, the writer-director of The Sixth Sense and Signs, an unstoppable event threatens the world's population by attacking the most basic human instinct of all survival. Academy Award Nominee Mark Wahlberg (2006 Best Supporting Actor The Departed) stars as Elliot Moore, an ordinary man trying to save his family from terrifying, invisible killer. As Elliot discovers the incredible possibility of what is happening it is clear that no one and nowhere is safe.
This extended Edition of the film contains extras too shocking for cinemas, as well as a bonus Digital Copy of the film - now you can see The Happening wherever and whenever you want.


This is a stinkingly bad film...not worth it at any price!
Edited by: "Krinkle" 23rd Jul 2010

Only worth it if it were below rental price. Nobody would want to watch this film more than once.
Edited by: "Ancient" 23rd Jul 2010

heart pounding? It's crap

I'm still disgusted with myself that I watched this movie until the end.

I really enjoyed this movie, People just love to hate I guess... Good Find
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