The Haunting of Caldgrave House by Amy Cross (plus 4 others) FREE on Kindle @ Amazon

The Haunting of Caldgrave House by Amy Cross (plus 4 others) FREE on Kindle @ Amazon

Found 28th Mar
New release from Amy Cross which is currently FREE. Seriously, these deals don't last long, so grab them now. I posted a similar deal recently and had to expire it next day!

“Stay close to me, Hugo. I've seen enough horror films to know the dog always gets it.”

Moving to the English countryside with her parents, Maisie immediately takes a dislike to their new home. Old, crumbling and covered in rotting moss, Caldgrave House is about as welcoming as its name suggests. But as she tries to get used to her new surroundings, Maisie at least has someone to keep her company.

Hugo. Her dog.

Unfortunately for Hugo, he's already begun to notice some strange things at the house. Who are the mysterious scentless figures who seem to move around unseen by the others? Why does a broken-jawed woman keep going into Maisie's bedroom? Who buried a copy of the Bible in the garden, with some of its pages turned upside down? And what is the cause of an ear-piercing scream that sometimes rings out at night when everyone else is asleep?

Before long, Maisie and Hugo find themselves trapped by the house's vengeful spirits. Something awful once happened at Caldgrave House, something that left long-lasting echoes. And now an evil force is stirring in the basement, preparing to claim its next victim.


American Coven:…JS/
The Night Girl:…AXY
Last Wrong Turn:…KJM
The Soul Auction:…GMF
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Thank you! I have a growing collection now of free Amy Cross books... just need to find the time to read through them all
Thank you SO much x I am almost finished reading 16 frames of the Devils face by this author and was hoping to get more books by her! I think you posted that deal too, she's an awesome writer, I found it hard to even put my phone down to stop reading xxx
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Awesome! Thanks
Thanks OP.
Excellent post. Heat added.
I've read another book by Amy Cross and enjoyed it. I'll check this out. Thanks
Thank you, I like Amy Cross e-books
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